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Meet the Interns – Alfindy Agyputri

Published 21st October, 2016 in Meet the Intern

I have a bit of a creative crush on Alfindy Agyputri. She made the short films for Shibboleth and other stories, you see, and they’re very good. To think that someone, somewhere will get to work with her and help her visions come to life gives me hope in all kinds of things. You can’t teach that sort of talent. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Alfindy Agyputri…

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I’m an International student from Indonesia, always dream of getting into the publishing and production house (novel and film). I started off wanting to write a good novel like those I have read in the past, but it became something more after discovering how powerful the impact of books and novels to the readers. It pushed me to want to write something more meaningful, something that can change someone’s life. It is a great way to be heard, especially because I am not the best speaker—I struggle to speak out my mind—and writing has offered me the best way to let everyone hear my voice. But most of all, I want to glorify my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ through my writings—not necessarily all Christian novels, but carrying out his name in all I do.

What were/are you studying at university and what’s next?

I’m in my final semester of my study in Creative Writing and Screen Arts at Curtin University. I am hoping to find a job related to any or both of my fields afterwards and get a Permanent Residence here in Perth.

Do you have a favourite book or favourite authors?

I read many various genres and enjoy great and brilliant plots, so it is hard to name one favourite—it won’t be fair for the others. But if I have to name one favourite genre, it will be crime mystery. And if I have to name one favourite book, it will be Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, aside from the Bible and a couple of books from my favourite Indonesian authors. I love Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but I haven’t finished reading their works to decide whether they are my favourites or not.

What does a typical day involve as an intern at Margaret River Press?

I was an intern at MRP for a month (I had such a great time, unfortunately I couldn’t stay there forever!) and I was helping with the preparation of their inaugural Australian Short Story Festival which will be held this month (how exciting!). I helped with their Facebook page and website, so a typical day involved brainstorming and scheduling for the next posts as well as updating the website and making it look good. Once I helped with the budget, researching on the airplane and accommodation fares for the inter-state authors, and when Shibboleth and other stories was about to launch, I worked with the amazing Logan and Laurie to make three videos as a trailer/preview of the book. That was so much fun! A typical day also involved interacting with the lovely publishing director Caroline Wood and the other amazing interns. I was lucky to have experienced an editorial meeting as well during my time with MRP. I learned so many things and am forever thankful for the experiences.

 Is there a particular area of publishing you’re looking to head into?

I started off wanting to be a novelist, and then expanding to want to be an editor. I want to be involved closely with the whole process of publishing a book—seeing and being part of the magical process. After doing my internship with MRP, I want it even more.

Alfindy Agyputri has been dreaming of becoming an author since year 9, inspired by her love for books since young and desire to be heard. Having to follow her older sister to Perth, she found out about Creative Writing course at Curtin University that could be paired up with Screen Arts (Film and TV) and decided to pursue her dreams in both fields – writing a novel and making a film out of it.

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