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This week I’m chatting to Emily Paull, author of the short story collection Well- behaved Women. This interview took place over email, but you might like to imagine us in a buzzing library on a Tuesday morning in the not-too-distant future: the Librarian’s Pick of the Week table resplendent, readers falling hungrily onto books they’ve had […]
By David Milroy Murandoo A Murandoo bathed in the final embers of the day, unaware that its blood red anthill platform had unmasked its speckled camouflage. Bailey slammed on the brakes and leapt from his Toyota, chasing the lizard across the dry riverbed and up onto the bank. Before it could scurry into a hole […]
By Paul Hetherington Tumultuous, for months the aftermath of fire— burnt stumps, spindles of trees, ash rising on the slightest wind, wafting, sinking like particles of memory, nights charred with recollection, cries chasing conversations, and incalescent weather like 40 days of sunstroke darkening the district. The local store piled its verandah with new goods, stashed […]
Best writing advice you’ve ever received? The best writing advice I ever received came from Robyn Mundy, author of beautiful novels like Wildlight, who encouraged me to write the way I wanted, about the things I wanted to, not what I felt I should. My writing practice is very eclectic but has never been very edgy. […]
I first met Emily in 2013. But I’d been following her blog, The Incredible Rambling Elimy, for a year or two before that. So I knew she worked in a bookshop, that she loved reading as evidenced by the 100+ books she reviewed each year. I also knew she was an aspiring author, and had […]
Can you tell us a little about yourself, and how you got started as a designer? Hello! I’m Marie, an illustrator from Singapore. I’ve always enjoyed story-telling, and drawing it out in particular, which would explain how I ended up in animation. After graduating, I still wanted to continue telling stories, but not in the […]
You worked with the writers from the Singapore side of this collaboration on the story each of them submitted, but working with us, and with Ethos, two independent publishers, has meant that you have been involved in small and large ways across the whole publication. Tell us a bit about your role as Editor for […]
You’re the editor on the West Australian side of this collaborative editing project, but have had an important role in other aspects as well. Can you tell us about what your work has involved, including the challenges and joys of working closely with writers as an editor? While editing the West Australian stories formed the real bulk […]
The following is the title story from Fabulous Lives—our upcoming anthology by Perth writer Bindy Pritchard. Her collection features stories that embrace people with all their frailties and strengths, failures and hopes, as they reach critical junctures in their lives.   ‘Fabulous Lives’ It was too late for Edith. She knew that when she stood in the […]
We have been inundated with some incredible cover designs as of late, making it especially difficult to make the final decision for our upcoming covers. The latest cover reveal is Fabulous Lives by local author Bindy Pritchard, whose short stories have been shortlisted in several of our anthologies. Thanks...
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