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Andrea Goldsmith It’s a great pleasure this evening to be launching Helen Gildfind’s first book, her wonderful collection of stories THE WORRY FRONT. I first met Helen back in March 2013. She was one of a select group of emerging writers to be awarded an ASA mentorship. I was her mentor. I accepted her on […]
A short story can be likened to the high-achieving novel’s little sister—still finding her feet, still establishing her voice, still waiting to be noticed. Although there is no exact definition as to how long a short story should be, the general consensus is that a short story is meant to be read in one sitting […]
Early last year I was thrilled to find out that Margaret River Press was going to publish my collection of short stories. I was excited—then scared! What if I stuffed everything up? Enter Josephine Taylor: cool, calm, collected—editor extraordinaire! After my email-introduction to Jo I, naturally, strutted around for a while feeling like a movie star. […]
Over the years, Moore’s writing has taught me how a story’s ‘plot’ can come from moments of intellectual or emotional insight: a character’s ‘epiphany’ can be just as ‘climactic’ as the moment they trip over a dead body! Moore illustrates how an authorial position of empathy (not sympathy) allows you to explore ‘heavy’ themes which—though they may weigh down your characters—must never weigh down your writing.
H.C. Gildfind shares the inspiration behind the cover of 'The Worry Front' due for release in April 2018.
Part Two:  Something, from nothing—freewriting in action In the first part of this series, I showed how ‘freewriting’ emerged from my adolescent journaling habit as the key means through which I find and build stories. The following shows how I used this method to write the short story, ‘Ferryman.’ Whilst visiting family in Scotland, I […]
Thank you to all who submitted their short story in October 2017. We extend our thanks to the judges, Donna Mazza, Brooke Dunnell, and Omar Sakr, and editor Ryan O’Neill for their collective patience and insight during the selection process. Editor, Ryan O’Neill had this to say: “I’d like to offer my warmest congratulations to […]
Read ‘Part I’ here “When writing my debut novel, You Belong Here, I sometimes went into musical memory, and at other times heard songs that hit me, made me question what it was I was trying to say, and why. Sometimes, I’d feel inexplicably warm feelings towards songs that were, for lack of a better […]
Songs can be gateways into worlds or other ways of being. Sometimes they’re poignant, beautiful reflections. Sometimes they’re incessantly optimistic pick-me-ups, challenges to be happy. And, at other times they’re those weird dance tracks that say the same phrase over and over, a sort of music reductivism for the emotionally challenged. When writing my debut […]
Part One: A writer is someone who writes, right? In my teens, I kept notebooks which recorded thoughts and feelings and the ‘goings on’ in my wild, rock ‘n’ roll life as a nerd. I thought that ‘writing out’ problems would help me fix them, or purge them, or at least understand them—and I hoped […]
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