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Margaret River Press is an independent press established in 2011 with a strong commitment to nurturing and supporting writers from across Australia at all stages of their career.

  • Bree’s Forest Adventure
    Miriam Wei Wei Lo with illustrations by Emily-Rose Lochore

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Margaret River Readers & Writers Festival: Everything You Need to Know About Publishing with Caroline Wood

As I made my way down Madaffari Drive, I assumed the noise was birds. It was only my second year in Exmouth, so it seemed possible that there were species I hadn’t yet come across. Perhaps some peculiar parrot or pelican. As I turned towards the beach, I caught a whiff of fermenting fish and…
Did you hear the one about the writer who submitted a funny story to a publishing house, and the work was swiftly and enthusiastically published? No, me neither. Where is the humour in Australian literary fiction? I’ve just started Rubik by Elizabeth Tan, and last night I read a scene where children, dressed up as…
I enjoy reading both fiction and narrative non-fiction, but I tend to write fiction almost exclusively. I’ve been asking myself why that is. I’m sitting at my desk and I’m meant to be writing, but instead I’m procrastinating, burning time, staring distractedly at my screen. Right now, as I type, this is the background of…
We like to pretend that there are no rigid class distinctions in Australia. It’s part of our national identity: non-Indigenous Australians are the descendants of swagmen and convicts, migrants and squatters. We think of ourselves as battlers, even if our particular battle is to pay the mortgage on our third investment property. And unless there’s…

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‘Sheen’ by Else Fitzgerald won second prize in the 2017 Margaret River Short Story Competition.
Joiner Bay by Laura Elvery was the winner of the 2017 Margaret River Short Story Competition.
Harbour Lights by Leslie Thiele won the Southwest Prize in the 2017 Margaret River Short Story Competition.
‘Shibboleth’ by Jo Riccioni in Margaret River Press’ 2016 short story competition collection ‘Shibboleth and other stories’ edited by Laurie Steed.
As a photojournalist, Sue-Lyn’s work has taken her to Hong Kong, Cambodia and throughout Europe. She photographed and co-authored Chefs of the Margaret River Region, which showcases the beauty of the region through exquisite photographs. In Surfing Down South she conveys a characterful account of...
Danielle Costley is an author, journalist and avid foodie. She has worked with many well-known chefs, who have inspired her to learn more about sourcing and buying locally-grown seasonal food. Her passion for exceptional regional food that speaks of its origins has driven her to write a book celebrating not only her ‘food finds’ but the wonderful growers...
Author: Double Madness
Caroline de Costa is a professor at James Cook University School of Medicine. Her publications include, “Hail Caesar”, which was shortlisted for the Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards (Science Writing) in 2008, and two books about abortion history. She has also self-published three novels. Double Madness is her first crime novel.  
Author: The Way It Was
Peter Forrestal has been a wine writer for about 30 years: The Way it Was has been his 34th book, three of which have been about the wine region of Margaret River (and the second with Ray Jordan). He has been a journalist and writer about wine, locally, nationally and internationally. Peter was founding editor of Gourmet Traveller Wine...

More than anything, Margaret River Press offers an engaging, approachable alternative to mass publication, selecting those titles that speak to us, and bringing them to you, the reader.


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