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H.C. Gildfind

The Worry Front

H.C. Gildfind lives in Melbourne and has published short stories, poetry, essays and book reviews in Australia and overseas. Gildfind has also researched interwar Australian literature and history, has been mentored by novelist Andrea Goldsmith, and is currently working on a novel.


  • These unsettling short stories, which include the prize-winning novella ‘Quarry’, expose an anatomy of worry in its many guises — unease, fear, dread, and terror. Through a multitude of distinct voices, H.C. Gildfind’s startling tales explore the absurd, macabre, surreal — and too-real — whilst wrestling with the irrevocable acts, immutable facts, and relentless uncertainties that lie at the dark heart of every life.
Early last year I was thrilled to find out that Margaret River Press was going to publish my collection of short stories. I was excited—then scared! What if I stuffed everything up? Enter Josephine Taylor: cool, calm, collected—editor extraordinaire! After my email-introduction to Jo I, naturally, strutted around for a while feeling like a movie star.…
Over the years, Moore’s writing has taught me how a story’s ‘plot’ can come from moments of intellectual or emotional insight: a character’s ‘epiphany’ can be just as ‘climactic’ as the moment they trip over a dead body! Moore illustrates how an authorial position of empathy (not sympathy) allows you to explore ‘heavy’ themes which—though they may weigh down your characters—must never weigh down your writing.
H.C. Gildfind shares the inspiration behind the cover of 'The Worry Front' due for release in April 2018.
Part Two:  Something, from nothing—freewriting in action In the first part of this series, I showed how ‘freewriting’ emerged from my adolescent journaling habit as the key means through which I find and build stories. The following shows how I used this method to write the short story, ‘Ferryman.’ Whilst visiting family in Scotland, I…

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