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We are currently working on a book with Paul Iskov one of WA's hottest chefs . Paul's new food book Frevor will take you on an unexpected journey. The book reveals the unique ingredients of remote Western Australia...
Last week we launched The Way It Was by Peter Forrestal and Ray Jordan at Lamonts, Cottesloe.  Here are some words from John Jens and Matthew Pavlic who launched the book. “Margaret River is one of the great 16’s. There’s no question at all, the wines are getting better all of the time. Now Forrie […]
Into the Boranup Forest with Mim and Em Mim points at some birds that are being very noisy in the upper canopy of the forest. A bird of prey, probably a Brown Goshawk, is getting too close to a magpie nest. Some wattlebirds join in the chase. This is a life-or-death story for the baby […]
Friends, family and wine growers, makers and consumers gathered at Riversmith on Tuesday to celebrate the launch of ‘The Way It Was’ by Peter Forrestal and Ray Jordan. Andrew Caillard, MW gave the launch speech. Here it is in full. The truth is the first casualty of war and marketing. And hence this book, written […]
As the launch of The Way it Was approaches, Peter Forrestal and Ray Jordan take a moment to reflect on how the book has uncovered new truths and kindled lasting passions for the Margaret River wine industry and its people. Ray: Peter and I were in a fortunate position to be able to write this […]
Laurie Steed's debut novel You Belong Here for publication by Margaret River Press in early 2018. With his novel on the horizon, Laurie has been thrown into the weird and wonderful world...
Due to launch this November, The Way It Was by Ray Jordan and Peter Forrestal is a guided tour that takes you through the history of the Margaret River wine region. Here is an exclusive look at the early days of Margaret River. Elijah Dawson was one of the original vineyard owners of Vasse. In […]
The Great Leap Forward with Penny Gibson I’ve written on and off for most of my life, while pursuing a career, raising children and establishing a small vineyard. In 1999...
Meet the Intern – Emily Boyle Tell us a little about yourself I am currently on a study abroad program here in Perth. I live in the United States on a small island in Lake Michigan. My main focus right now is school, but in my spare time I help out at a local radio […]
A Day in the Life of a Writer with Melanie Cheng   Sometime around 6:30am my kids burst into my room declaring that the sun is up! They say this with such enthusiasm, one would think the sun had never risen before. But they are not referring to the real sun, they are referring to […]
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