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I feel I’m having an enjoyable ride as a writer. After a couple of successes in 2010/2011 – when I first started to submit short stories – I’ve continued to win competitions and be published. I’ve also continued to write for the theatre and have had plays and monologues performed from Townsville to Melbourne. I […]
Past/Future/ By Andrew_Taylor My son is a conservator. His job in Canberra is to make sure that documents, maps, photographs, anything recorded on paper in the National Archive, is kept in good condition and made presentable to researchers of the future. Old style ‘restorers’ who attempted to repaint or rebuild what they thought the original […]
Catch up with what David has been up to since we published his story, ‘One of Those Things’ which appeared in our collection, Lost Boy and other stories (Ed. Estelle Tang). The life of a freelancer is one of the neverending hustle: hustle well and you’re busy, hustle badly and dinner becomes peanut butter served […]
Reading is a two-way activity. As such, it stands at the door of poetry, looking both in, and out. Like the Roman god Janus. I’ve written elsewhere about how important it is to read your poetry aloud to yourself as you’re writing it and revising. If you can’t read it naturally, if you get tripped […]
Impossible Preludes – Perth Launch Speech By Dennis Haskell Andrew_Taylor’s Impossible Preludes is his sixteenth or seventeenth book of poems, but the first poetry collection to appear from the energetic Margaret River Press. They could hardly have picked a better poet to begin with, even though he now lives far from Margaret River. It is telling […]
Never underestimate the impact of being published in a Margaret River Press anthology. After my story ‘Dying’ was published in 2014 in The Trouble With Flying I was contacted by Cate Kennedy to be the emerging writer paired with her for the January 2015 edition of Review of Australian Fiction. Based on that story, ‘The […]
Places By Andrew_Taylor When I was growing up in the Victorian coastal town of Warrnambool (Where Fletcher Jones Trousers Come From!) my father had a man to help him in our very large, almost rural, garden. Mr Akers had come to Australia from Coventry after the Second World War. Ruby, his wife, was a local […]
Impossible Preludes – Sydney Launch Speech By David Brooks There are at least four things a launch of a collection of poetry should do: honour the author, honour the book (in this case beautifully designed and produced by Margaret River Press), honour poetry itself, and goad/entice those attending into buying the collection. I’m going to mix […]
Barbeque Herring from the Casablanca Market Mark and I woke early on the first morning we were in Morocco and headed down to the fish market in Casablanca. We had been experimenting with Moroccan food for quite a while and here we were, finally in the country itself. The market was chaotic, with people rushing […]
While Knitting and Other Stories was published before my time at Margaret River Press, I’ve long been familiar with the work of Jacqueline Wright. It was a pleasure, therefore, to catch up with her via that magnificent mode of communication known as email. Not surprisingly, Jacqueline was informative, and helpful, and pretty much the best […]
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