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Andrea Goldsmith It’s a great pleasure this evening to be launching Helen Gildfind’s first book, her wonderful collection of stories THE WORRY FRONT. I first met Helen back in March 2013. She was one…
Thank you to all who submitted their short story in October 2017. We extend our thanks to the judges, Donna Mazza, Brooke Dunnell, and Omar Sakr, and editor Ryan O’Neill for their collective patience and insight during the selection process. Editor, Ryan O'Neill had this to say...
We are currently working on a book with Paul Iskov one of WA's hottest chefs . Paul's new food book Frevor will take you on an unexpected journey. The book reveals the unique ingredients of remote Western Australia...
Last week we launched The Way It Was by Peter Forrestal and Ray Jordan at Lamonts, Cottesloe.  Here are some words from John Jens and Matthew Pavlic who launched the book. “Margaret River is one of the great 16’s. There’s no question at all, the wines are getting better all of the time. Now Forrie […]
Friends, family and wine growers, makers and consumers gathered at Riversmith on Tuesday to celebrate the launch of ‘The Way It Was’ by Peter Forrestal and Ray Jordan. Andrew Caillard, MW gave the launch speech. Here it is in full. The truth is the first casualty of war and marketing. And hence this book, written […]
Joiner Bay and other stories Launch Speech by LianLow Readings, Carlton – Friday 14 July 2017 Writing stories requires courage and conviction that our stories are important and urgent to share with the rest of the world. Not only do competitions provide a platform for writers, they also act as a deadline for writers to […]
The short story has been called the ideal literary form for the 21st Century. The internet has given us access to multiple online journals and podcasts, so we can read a short story on our phones on the train to work, or pop in our earphones and listen to someone reading their story while we […]
Bloodlines is very special to me for both professional and personal reasons. Professionally speaking, I was one of three judges, along with Richard Rossiter and Delys Bird, to shortlist Nicole’s novel for the prestigious T.A.G. Hungerford Award in 2014. Back then the novel was called All That Came Before, but irrespective of the title, we […]
It’s a special privilege to have been asked to launch Bloodlines here at the Margaret River Bookshop.  I first met Nic through a short story that she submitted to the journal Indigo when I was the fiction editor for that edition.  That was some years ago. One way or another we’ve been in touch ever […]
We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2017 Margaret River Short Story Competition. Laura Elvery has taken out the 1st prize with her story, Joiner Bay.  Laura is a writer from Brisbane. Her work has been published in The Big Issue Fiction Edition, Kill Your Darlings, Award-Winning Australian Writing and Griffith Review. In […]
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