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Thank you to all who submitted their short story in October 2017. We extend our thanks to the judges, Donna Mazza, Brooke Dunnell, and Omar Sakr, and editor Ryan O’Neill for their collective patience and insight during the selection process. Editor, Ryan O'Neill had this to say...
In early June, I flew from Brisbane to Western Australia. I had won the Margaret River Short Story Competition and was invited to the Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival. Our panel, about the collection Joiner Bay and other stories, was at lunchtime on the Saturday with a small but friendly audience. Emily Paull, Leslie_Thiele […]
Tell us a little bit about the journey that took you from university studies in Melbourne to the editorial board of MRP. It seems like aeons ago that I was completing the Master of Publishing and Editing course (now defunct) at Monash University in Melbourne with the one and only Laurie Steed as my tutor! […]
Crefter was the first to rise, brushing the dust from his limbs. The air lay lank and heavy around us where we sat in a circle on the sand. The dead lead-grey sky was streaking with the red colour of day now, thick and unmoving overhead. The sun  had  not  come  up  yet,  but  all […]
In addition to being an academic and a widely-published scholar, you also write fiction. Why do you write, and does this differ depending on whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction? I write to understand myself, other people and the world, and I write to challenge and extend myself. My writing is concerned with the relationship […]
You’ve been a teacher in both the tertiary and secondary systems, and you’re now a teacher of writing. What does the teaching of writing afford the teacher, as opposed to the students? Are there certain writing ‘lessons’ that only come to the surface through discussion and analysis of the craft in a controlled group setting?  […]
To date, you’ve been a writer, editor, literary judge and esteemed lecturer in writing. How important, do you think, is it for a writer to be immersed in not only the written word but also the industry? Are such additional roles both an endorsement of the author, and yet also a vital part of giving […]
  Is anyone else bothered by the way things are no longer put down on paper? Will historians, a hundred years from now, be reduced to scrolling through neatly stored and categorised emails spell checked and eminently readable, instead of sifting through unruly piles of letters, documents, and diaries? Have we forever lost the excitement […]
It’s a special privilege to have been asked to launch Bloodlines here at the Margaret River Bookshop.  I first met Nic through a short story that she submitted to the journal Indigo when I was the fiction editor for that edition.  That was some years ago. One way or another we’ve been in touch ever […]
Tell us a little bit about yourself. My name is Georgia. I’ve lived south of Perth for most of my life, and I think this is where I’ll stay. My husband and I live in our own home in the suburbs with our one cat, two dogs, and three chickens. We love to cook using […]
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