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Who Are Your Writing For? By Kate_Glenister A few months ago, I was casually browsing through Readings in Carlton when I unexpectedly spotted copies of Shibboleth & Other Stories on the shelf. It was still over a month until the launch of the collection, but I made grabby-hands at a copy: there it was, my […]
Lemon Myrtle Herring With very little effort you can create a very posh breakfast with your herring catch. Have your fisherman skin and fillet your herring, then pat the fillets dry with a paper towel. Coat your serving plate with a generous film of best quality extra virgin olive oil and grind a little salt and black […]
It’s rumoured that Ali MacGregor once inspired an acapella group to song spontaneously, as though her very presence had encouraged it. That’s not strictly true, but she has a warm, winning way about her that’s right up there with Sonja Rocchi’s Mars Bar slice. Who’s Sonja Rocchi? Well, that’s a story for another time. But […]
The Student Becomes The Writer By Kate_Glenister Last week, I talked about the struggles of confidence in being a storyteller. If you’ve come back to the Margaret River Press blog today, you’re going to notice a certain theme in my writing about writing – total and utter insecurity. This time last week, I handed in […]
 Parihuela in La Vega Central Market – Santiago Across the river from the main seafood market in Santiago is the lesser-known market, La Vega Central. Our taxi driver from the airport tells us about La Vega and next day, we set out to find our lunch there. First we meet a fishmonger selling the popular Chilean […]
Rebecca is a third year Communications and English Literature student at UWA who has a keen passion for napping, Pokemon Go and garlic bread. When she’s not busy eating garlic bread and playing Pokemon Go, she’ll occasionally socialize with other people. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Rebecca Harris!  Tell us a little bit about yourself. […]
Storytellers By Kate_Glenister When I was asked to be the Margaret River Press guest blogger for October, my first thought was ‘me? Really?’ As a writer, this process of questioning myself is nothing if not a familiar concept. I was lucky enough to be featured in Margaret River Press’ 2016 collection ‘Shibboleth & Other Stories’, […]
Ashley Valli is pretty damn choice, if you’re asking me. She laughs often. She reacts and interacts with the world as if it were a particularly exciting video game. In general, she makes the office more fun and a lot funnier. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ashley! Tell us a little bit about yourself. I moved […]
Breadcrumbs By Laurie_Steed Working with a small publisher is a lot like building a chicken coop. It’s tiring, requires organisation, and you’re often tying things together with thread, or chain, or any old shit you can find. No one cares that you’re doing it, except the chickens, which, in the case of a small publisher […]
As part of the LJ connection (that’s Logan and Justine, for those not in the know), Justine Spencer knocked many a task out of the park. She’s also a vital part of any engaging conversation around the centre, and as such, I often thought of things to talk about just to see her take them […]
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