Surfing WA – celebrating 50 years


Surfing WA – celebrating 50 years

Surfing WA: celebrating 50 years commemorates Surfing WA as the sport’s representative body and all those who have contributed to its success during that time.

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This book is as much about the leadership provided by surfers over the past five decades as it is about the facts and anecdotes that make up the history of Surfing WA.

The publication takes you on a historical journey through profiles of surfers, surfing families, events, locations and key industry and community leaders.  Each section is supplemented by stunning photographs by award winning surf photographer Russell Ord and other West Australian photographers, Chris Gurney, Mick Burnside and Nick Woolacott and archival photographs courtesy of Ric Chan, Jim King, Mick Marlin, Loz Smith and many others.  The book pays tribute to indiviudal surfers  such as Taj Burrow, Ian Cairns and Jodie Cooper; surfing families that include the Macaulay and Jakovich families; key players Bob Monkman, Ron Naylor, Keith"Jock" Campbell; shapers King Cole Surfboards, Cordingley's and Hawke and industry leaders Creatures of Leisure, Gath Sports and Surfboard Room.

Find out how Surfing WA went from humble, backyard beginnings to a highly professional organization that reaches over 250,000 Western Australians and millions of people interstate and overseas each year.

"This book is as much about the leadership provided by surfers over the past five decades as it is about the facts and anecdotes that make up the history of Surfing WA", Bob Welch OAM Chairman, Surfing WA

Caroline Wood is a Director at Margaret River Press. She managed the production of this publication, wrote and contributed to some of the profiles and introductions.

Erin Molloy is Surfing WA’s Marketing and Public Relations Manager.  Erin has written a number of the profiles, introductions, collected and verified information and sourced photographs.

Tim Thirsk is the Business Development Manager at Surfing WA.  Tim has written a number of profiles, assisted in clarifying details and coordinated the collection of information.

Damian Lipscombe is a surfing enthusiast, a surfing journalist and writes a regular column for the community newspaper, The Post. Damian wrote a number of profiles in this publication.

Mark Lane is the current CEO of Surfing WA.  Mark’s contribution included writing profiles, verifying details and coordinating the collection of information and photographs.

Filomina D’Cruz is a former journalist.  Filomina wrote a number of profiles, assisted with research and sourced articles from The West Australian.

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