Summer’s Gone Charles Hall


Summer’s Gone

Charles Hall

Charles Hall’s devastatingly honest novel follows the story’s protagonist, Nick, as he revisits one particular steamy and complicated ‘summer of love’ years after its tragic end.

The story begins when Nick’s Uncle Clem gives him the banjo that leads to him forming a folk band with his best friend, Mitch, and two Melbourne sisters, Helen and Alison.

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When we were twenty and out of our depth – with our clumsy hope and fragile relationships – the price of free love was never higher, and Hall’s characters are still paying. The 60s…

Summer’s Gone details Nick’s relationship with Helen and explores the nostalgia of living in Australia in the 1960s. There are romantic affairs, a briefly successful folk band, women’s rights, sexual freedom,  discourse around the Vietnam war - draft dodging and conscription, and other social and political issues that have had far reaching implications for following generations.

Charles Hall’s wonderful novel tells a very personal story set in Australia in the rebellious days of the 60s, a decade of upheaval, when one’s own journey was intensified by the politics of the world – civil rights, feminism, drugs and, at the heart of the upheaval, the Vietnam War and conscription. It was a time of uproar on every level – families, music, film, relationships and a belief that not only did the world need changing but that ordinary people could change it. There are only a handful of novelists who have looked at the 60s of demonstrations, civil disobedience, riots, imprisonment and change – thank heavens Hall has joined their ranks with such a perceptive and honest account. Pass it on to your children. The world still needs standing on its head. Michael Hyde (author of All Along the Watchtower)

Charles Hall 

Charles Hall was born and raised in Perth and educated in the sixties at Mt Lawley High and in the eighties at UWA and later at Melbourne. He has had a wide experience of day jobs, including truckie’s offsider, arc welder, builder’s labourer, recording studio engineer, shoveller of chook manure, biomedical engineer and high school physics teacher.

 He played guitar in a band that had a top-5 hit record in Perth in the late sixties and spent the nineties as guitarist and songwriter for an independent alt-country band in Melbourne.  He started writing fiction in 2001.

Charles Hall currently lives in Melbourne and also in rural Victoria with his wife, the singer Sue Richmond. Summers Gone is his first novel.

Charles Hall was born and raised in Perth and studied at Mount Lawley High in the 60s and the University of Western Australia (UWA) in the 80s. He began writing fiction in 2001.

He worked a vast variety of jobs as a labourer, recording studio engineer, biomedical engineer and teacher.  He played the guitar in a band that had a top-5 hit record in Perth in the late 60s. He moved to Melbourne and spent the 90s as guitarist and songwriter for an independent alternative-country band in Melbourne.

Charles currently lives in Melbourne and rural Victoria with his wife, singer Sue Richmond.

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