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 It was at university that I first encountered the term empathy.  I had been practising it—as much as any adolescent practises empathy— I just hadn’t known what it was called before then. My lecturers described empathy as the act of imagining what it was like to be in another person’s situation. They said it was […]
When I was seven, my family moved from Sydney to Hong Kong. I remember my first day at school. I remember the teacher asked a girl called Randee to look after me. I remember that Randee had brown eyes and black hair and that she was half Filipino and half English. I don’t remember that […]
In 2010 The Guardian published an article called Ten Rules For Writing Fiction. It was a compilation of famous authors’ top ten tips. Richard Ford’s advice stood out to me. His first rule was: Marry somebody you love and who thinks you being a writer’s a good idea. This advice sounded like inherently sensible advice […]
Who Are Your Writing For? By Kate_Glenister A few months ago, I was casually browsing through Readings in Carlton when I unexpectedly spotted copies of Shibboleth & Other Stories on the shelf. It was still over a month until the launch of the collection, but I made grabby-hands at a copy: there it was, my […]
Storytellers By Kate_Glenister When I was asked to be the Margaret River Press guest blogger for October, my first thought was ‘me? Really?’ As a writer, this process of questioning myself is nothing if not a familiar concept. I was lucky enough to be featured in Margaret River Press’ 2016 collection ‘Shibboleth & Other Stories’, […]
Logan Griffiths is the kind of person who makes you laugh and then makes you think, all at once. She’s sharper than a Stanley knife, and strangely humble for someone with such a gift for the (or any) job-at-hand. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Logan… Tell us a little bit about yourself. I grew up hiding […]
Writing from the Cheap Seats By Laurie_Steed In fourteen years of writing, I’ve established something of a reputation. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t get window seats at restaurants or all that many free books, aside from the considered review copies, as sent by a handful of Melbourne-based publishers. I made more money participating in […]
What’s Feeding Your Senses – Rachelle Rechichi What are you reading? Right now, I’m reading Virginia Woolf’s Orlando. There is no particular reason why I’m reading it, except that I haven’t, yet. It’s slow-going because I’m having to fit poor Orlando in around other reading: non-fiction books, chapters and essays on creativity. This is “work” […]
The Story of a Book By Laurie_Steed Everyone should edit a book at some point in their lives. This is doubly true if you’re a writer, and if the publisher is small, trying, as best they can to run on a smattering of coins and the love and passion of a few great writers and […]
Shibboleth: A New Short Story Collection By Nathan_Hobby To kickstart the launches for our short story collection, ‘Shibboleth and other stories’, we celebrated in Perth at Centre for Stories. The event was wonderful and it was so great to see so many people join us in celebration. To help with the celebration, Nathan_Hobby assisted with […]
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