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In early June, I flew from Brisbane to Western Australia. I had won the Margaret River Short Story Competition and was invited to the Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival. Our panel, about the collection Joiner Bay and other stories, was at lunchtime on the Saturday with a small but friendly audience. Emily Paull, Leslie_Thiele […]
Sit, stay. I stayed at Varuna, the Writers House in the Blue Mountains for two weeks in the middle of autumn. When telling friends about my fortnight there, I feel like I’ve emphasised the food angle quite a bit. I reckon I’ve said a lot about the biscuits, the fresh peaches, the homemade curries and […]
Laura_Elvery is an award-winning short story writer, mother, PhD Candidate and tackler of tales, including her story ‘Acrobat’, which will be published in the upcoming Margaret River Press anthology, Shibboleth and other stories. She takes us into her sensory world… What are you reading? I always have a few books on the go (I’m not […]
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