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  One book down, are there more I wonder? I have spent a lot of time creating words for tour brochures for the garden tours I lead.  They are meant to encourage people to join me. I used to write my garden descriptions for the Open Garden Scheme to entice visitors. Always trying to entice […]
Interview with Julie Kinney 1) What were your inspirations for the The Garden Wanderer? Inspiration for my book surrounded me. I am so lucky to live, not only in an area of great natural beauty, but in a community filled with artistic people. Just recently, I walked along one of the trails by the river […]
In writing, it’s often said that you live and die by the strength of your characters. Is this true of photography too? Are there certain ways to bring out inherent personality traits when conducting a shoot? I don’t think I have ever thought about photography in that way. Personally, I would say the strength is […]
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