Your book bag is empty
It’s rumoured that Ali MacGregor once inspired an acapella group to song spontaneously, as though her very presence had encouraged it. That’s not strictly true, but she has a warm, winning way about her that’s right up there with Sonja Rocchi’s Mars Bar slice. Who’s Sonja Rocchi? Well, that’s a story for another time. But […]
Ashley Valli is pretty damn choice, if you’re asking me. She laughs often. She reacts and interacts with the world as if it were a particularly exciting video game. In general, she makes the office more fun and a lot funnier. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ashley! Tell us a little bit about yourself. I moved […]
As part of the LJ connection (that’s Logan and Justine, for those not in the know), Justine Spencer knocked many a task out of the park. She’s also a vital part of any engaging conversation around the centre, and as such, I often thought of things to talk about just to see her take them […]
Logan Griffiths is the kind of person who makes you laugh and then makes you think, all at once. She’s sharper than a Stanley knife, and strangely humble for someone with such a gift for the (or any) job-at-hand. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Logan… Tell us a little bit about yourself. I grew up hiding […]
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