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An Enticing Affair – In conversation with Isabelle Li Life can be puzzling. And yet, it’s often while we’re at our most fragmented that a writer comes along and articulates things much better than we could ever hope to. Isabelle Li is that kind of writer. Her debut collection of stories, A Chinese Affair, pubilshed […]
Bittersweet Book Tour By Isabelle Li Monday 11 July 2016 Michael and I flew to Melbourne after I finished work. We were staying in the Space Hotel. But even its executive ensuite was tiny. Michael nicknamed it the No-Space Hotel. I lay our suitcases side by side inside the wardrobe, brought in a chair from […]
The Genesis of an Affair By Isabelle Li (Book Launch Speech, Sydney, July 10 2016) Today is the launch of A Chinese Affair, but more importantly, it’s a gathering of friends: readers and writers, poets and philosophers, artists, musicians and dancers, my teachers, classmates and colleagues. I am so delighted that you join me to […]
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