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(Photo credit : Mikaela and Stephen Castledine) Mikaela Castledine’s short story All the Devil’s Weed Plants will appear in our 2016 short story collection, we knew Mikaela was a talented sculptor as well so we were delighted to hear her piece ‘Intention’ won the Rio Tinto Sculpture Inside Award at this year’s Sculpture by the…

Your story ‘Hot and Cold’, published in ‘Lost Boy and other stories‘, cleverly employs mnemonics used in society to tag people by certain key personality traits, or styles that help the subject to remember them. When were you first exposed to mnemonics? Have they always interested you as a writer? To be honest, I don’t […]
Graham Edwards speaks about Portland Jones’ book ‘Seeing the Elephants’ in the gardens of UWA.
Portland Jones speaks in the UWA gardens about her book ‘Seeing the Elephants’.
Portland Jones speaks in the UWA gardens about her book ‘Seeing the Elephants’.
  Linda Brucesmith is a writer and public relations consultant based in Brisbane, Queensland. Her short fiction has been published in Australia and in the United Kingdom, and her story, ‘Bedtime Story’ was published in The Trouble With Flying and other stories. We spoke to her about what she’s been reading, watching and listening to […]
Your story, ‘Weight Bearing Exercise’, published in  Lost Boy and other stories was an intelligent meditation on race, responsibility and moving forward, and yet it’s never didactic. How did you balance up the needs of the narrative with a deeper, subtle approach to the political elements? I’m pleased Laurie, that you enjoyed and appreciated the […]
We are excited to announce that the winner of the 2016 Margaret River Press Short Story Competition is NSW-based writer Jo Riccioni. Her story ‘Shibboleth’ is a delicate and deliberate evocation of love, identity, and segregation set against the backdrop of Doris Salcedo’s polarising art exhibition.  Jo is the author of numerous features and short […]
Your story, ‘Hide’, published in The Lost Boy and other stories, seems just as much about Mary and the mother as it is about Siew Ching, our protagonist. Do you see your stories as inherently interconnected, or is this particular story so-structured to explore the inner worlds of three key characters? I never thought of […]
In writing, it’s often said that you live and die by the strength of your characters. Is this true of photography too? Are there certain ways to bring out inherent personality traits when conducting a shoot? I don’t think I have ever thought about photography in that way. Personally, I would say the strength is […]
We are delighted to announce that the inaugural Australian Short Story Festival will take place in Perth on October 21st – 23rd 2016 at the Centre for Stories and other inner-city venues. The weekend-long festival will be the first festival in Australia to focus exclusively on the short story form and is a timely response […]

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