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Why I write about war By Portland_Jones In 1944, in the last, long winter of the war my grandmother fed her family on stolen tulip bulbs. Every morning she cooked some of the bulbs to an ugly, brown flecked paste and her children cried, their chill-blained fingers red and their ankles poking thinly from beneath…

What are you reading? I have just finished Magda Szubanski’s memoir, Reckoning. I am not usually drawn to biographies and this was a book club choice not my own. I was disappointed that it wasn’t better written (or perhaps I mean differently written) than any other episodic beads on a string memoir, an approach which […]
The Genesis of an Affair By Isabelle Li (Book Launch Speech, Sydney, July 10 2016) Today is the launch of A Chinese Affair, but more importantly, it’s a gathering of friends: readers and writers, poets and philosophers, artists, musicians and dancers, my teachers, classmates and colleagues. I am so delighted that you join me to […]
‘Shibboleth’ by Jo Riccioni in Margaret River Press’ 2016 short story competition collection ‘Shibboleth and other stories’ edited by Laurie Steed.
‘Shibboleth’ by Jo Riccioni in Margaret River Press’ 2016 short story competition collection ‘Shibboleth and other stories’ edited by Laurie Steed.
Cassie Hamer is a writer that’s as winning than the Hawthorn Football Club, and much more fun to be around. Her story, ‘Le Farfalle’ will be published in the upcoming Margaret River Press anthology, Shibboleth and other stories. We talked to her about her sensory cues; those books, films, songs, and TV shows that have […]
What are you reading? My copy of Shibboleth arrived on Monday, so I’m enjoying the stories in it. I’ve read Jo_Riccioni’s title story and Magdalena_McGuire’s ‘It used to be a Boyd,’ so far, and loved them both. Helen Garner’s ‘Everywhere I look.’ I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Helen’s work. She has […]
Where Do Ideas Come From? By Jo_Riccioni I’ve started teaching creative writing recently and the question I’m most often asked by new writers is where story ideas come from. I wish I could give them the answer they desperately want: that there’s an Aldi or Costco for story lines, somewhere writers in the know go […]
'All the Devil's Weed Plants' by Mikaela Castledine in Margaret River Press' 2016 short story competition collection 'Shibboleth and other stories' edited by Laurie Steed.
Book trailer for Danielle Costley’s upcoming publication about local growers in the South West.
What are you reading? I’ve just had the pleasure of reading ‘Affinity’ by Sarah Waters, involving a single woman in the Victorian era who starts visiting a young woman in prison who claims to be a spirit medium. It was utterly compelling; the imagery is vivid and the story unfolds effortlessly. I’m currently reading ‘Fever […]

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