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Breadcrumbs By Laurie_Steed Working with a small publisher is a lot like building a chicken coop. It’s tiring, requires organisation, and you’re often tying things together with thread, or chain, or any old shit you can find. No one cares that you’re doing it, except the chickens, which, in the case of a small publisher […]
As part of the LJ connection (that’s Logan and Justine, for those not in the know), Justine Spencer knocked many a task out of the park. She’s also a vital part of any engaging conversation around the centre, and as such, I often thought of things to talk about just to see her take them […]
Logan Griffiths is the kind of person who makes you laugh and then makes you think, all at once. She’s sharper than a Stanley knife, and strangely humble for someone with such a gift for the (or any) job-at-hand. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Logan… Tell us a little bit about yourself. I grew up hiding […]
Interview with Julie Kinney 1) What were your inspirations for the The Garden Wanderer? Inspiration for my book surrounded me. I am so lucky to live, not only in an area of great natural beauty, but in a community filled with artistic people. Just recently, I walked along one of the trails by the river […]
Writing from the Cheap Seats By Laurie_Steed In fourteen years of writing, I’ve established something of a reputation. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t get window seats at restaurants or all that many free books, aside from the considered review copies, as sent by a handful of Melbourne-based publishers. I made more money participating in […]
What’s Feeding Your Senses – Rachelle Rechichi What are you reading? Right now, I’m reading Virginia Woolf’s Orlando. There is no particular reason why I’m reading it, except that I haven’t, yet. It’s slow-going because I’m having to fit poor Orlando in around other reading: non-fiction books, chapters and essays on creativity. This is “work” […]
The Story of a Book By Laurie_Steed Everyone should edit a book at some point in their lives. This is doubly true if you’re a writer, and if the publisher is small, trying, as best they can to run on a smattering of coins and the love and passion of a few great writers and […]
What are you reading? I have just finished Magda Szubanski’s memoir, Reckoning. I am not usually drawn to biographies and this was a book club choice not my own. I was disappointed that it wasn’t better written (or perhaps I mean differently written) than any other episodic beads on a string memoir, an approach which […]
Cassie Hamer is a writer that’s as winning than the Hawthorn Football Club, and much more fun to be around. Her story, ‘Le Farfalle’ will be published in the upcoming Margaret River Press anthology, Shibboleth and other stories. We talked to her about her sensory cues; those books, films, songs, and TV shows that have […]
What are you reading? My copy of Shibboleth arrived on Monday, so I’m enjoying the stories in it. I’ve read Jo_Riccioni’s title story and Magdalena_McGuire’s ‘It used to be a Boyd,’ so far, and loved them both. Helen Garner’s ‘Everywhere I look.’ I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Helen’s work. She has […]
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