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Catch up with what David has been up to since we published his story, ‘One of Those Things’ which appeared in our collection, Lost Boy and other stories (Ed. Estelle Tang). The life of a freelancer is one of the neverending hustle: hustle well and you’re busy, hustle badly and dinner becomes peanut butter served […]
Never underestimate the impact of being published in a Margaret River Press anthology. After my story ‘Dying’ was published in 2014 in The Trouble With Flying I was contacted by Cate Kennedy to be the emerging writer paired with her for the January 2015 edition of Review of Australian Fiction. Based on that story, ‘The […]
While Knitting and Other Stories was published before my time at Margaret River Press, I’ve long been familiar with the work of Jacqueline Wright. It was a pleasure, therefore, to catch up with her via that magnificent mode of communication known as email. Not surprisingly, Jacqueline was informative, and helpful, and pretty much the best […]
I have to admit I prefer fiction to reality, and I am not above exploiting my family and friends for the sake of a good story. Be warned! ‘Summerlands’, the story published in The Trouble with Flying and other stories, began life as part of my MA dissertation and continues to evolve as part of […]
The Australian Short Story Festival has secured its place as a significant event in the Australian literary calendar following the outstanding success of our inaugural festival held in Perth last weekend, October 21-23. More than 1100 people attended the three-day festival, showcasing some of Australia’s most celebrated writers and a unique line-up of storytellers in […]
In the first of a new series, we catch up with previous Margaret River Press contributors to see where they’re at, and all they’ve done in the years since. First up is Mark Smith, who’s pretty much set the world on fire since his appearance in The Trouble with Flying and other stories. We’ll let […]
I have a bit of a creative crush on Alfindy Agyputri. She made the short films for Shibboleth and other stories, you see, and they’re very good. To think that someone, somewhere will get to work with her and help her visions come to life gives me hope in all kinds of things. You can’t […]
It’s rumoured that Ali MacGregor once inspired an acapella group to song spontaneously, as though her very presence had encouraged it. That’s not strictly true, but she has a warm, winning way about her that’s right up there with Sonja Rocchi’s Mars Bar slice. Who’s Sonja Rocchi? Well, that’s a story for another time. But […]
Rebecca is a third year Communications and English Literature student at UWA who has a keen passion for napping, Pokemon Go and garlic bread. When she’s not busy eating garlic bread and playing Pokemon Go, she’ll occasionally socialize with other people. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Rebecca Harris!  Tell us a little bit about yourself. […]
Ashley Valli is pretty damn choice, if you’re asking me. She laughs often. She reacts and interacts with the world as if it were a particularly exciting video game. In general, she makes the office more fun and a lot funnier. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ashley! Tell us a little bit about yourself. I moved […]
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