Your book bag is empty
I am very fond of writers who share their work … Yes, alright, you got me, I am very fond of writers full stop. They are so supportive, and kind, and understanding.  And so here, for my last blog post with Margaret River Press—thank you, it’s been an honour and a privilege—I am sharing a […]
In March, my Gothic fiction manuscript, Sargasso, was to my absolute joy shortlisted for the ASA/Harlequin Commercial Fiction Prize. Before the announcement I received a phone call from Harlequin telling me that while I was not the winner, they loved Sargasso and wanted to take it to acquisitions. I still don’t fully understand what taking […]
Are you a risk-taker? I didn’t think I was until I thought about it. I was twenty-one when the boy I was in love with sat me down to tell me he’d been offered a job in another country. He was in his final year of an electrical engineering degree and was going to relocate […]
Hello! I am delighted to be the guest blogger for Margaret River Press during the month of November, and during a time of a pandemic. For a while I was an earnest blogger with my own blogspot page, but then something happened, writing got in the way. Yes, I only occasionally blog these days because […]
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