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How do endings end?  If you’ve followed me this far, I thank you sincerely.  But October is almost over, and these weeks are drawing to a close.  To borrow the immortal puzzlement of the undergraduate: what to put in a conclusion?  I’m really bad with goodbyes. I never know how to end, to close, to […]
I love ghosts, and their stories. Even (oh, especially) the badly written ones. The Russell Lee ones from my boyhood. The jump-scares. The ones that don’t make sense. The ones Grandma tells so matter-of-factly. The ones which are definitely true, because it happened to somebody’s mother’s friend’s cousin. Ghosts are slippery. They pass through walls. […]
What do stories mean? What lessons can we learn from them?  As a History major at the University, I’ve wrestled with these questions for a while. What could be a more legitimate account than History-capital-H? What could be truer than something buttressed by books, supported by sources, established by experts, proofread by professors, and printed on […]
In the Beginning, there was the Word.  Really?  Not for me. I couldn’t even speak or read English until I was seven or so. I have dim childhood memories of opening storybooks, and pretending to read them to my toys. At the kindergarten, Mummy was embarrassed because I happily spoke more Hokkien (grandfather’s Chinese dialect) […]
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