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5 Questions with Jude Bridge

Published 2nd October, 2018 in Writing

Can you tell us a little about what you’ve been up to since your short story was published in the collection Pigface and Other Stories?

I’ve done some story readings for charity groups and for the 21st anniversary of Harry Potter (as Harry). My 10-minute play Binge has been shortlisted for the Hollywood Short and Sweet Theatre Festival, I had a singing gig with my duo The Additives and I’ve had lots of afternoon naps.

Your short story ‘Foodies’ was one of the more humorous and even bizarre stories included in the Margaret River Short Story collection. Do you tend to gravitate towards stories that are absurdist in nature?

Yes. I used to fight it, trying to write stories that were real, heartfelt, tender, emotionally charged and devastating/uplifting. But others do it so much better. I live in a fantasy world and like to push the ‘what if?’ to the ridiculous. This is possibly because for a long time I was a stand-up comedian, spouting the ridiculous. You can drag the girl off the stage, but you can’t take the comedy out of the writer.

You are also a singer and songwriter. How does this feed into your writing? Or do you keep these elements separate?

I sing when I write stories, I think of stories while I’m writing songs, they’re both beautifully escapist processes. The best thing about both is that my head is so full of rainbows lollipops lalalalalala when I’m doing them that I don’t think about anything else, so it’s a lovely break from the humdrum.

What draws you to the short story form in particular?

Near-instant gratification. It doesn’t take long to write one, nor does it take long for a magazine/journal/contest to accept or reject it. Novels are a huge undertaking. I’m a physically small person, I don’t have room for the angst.

Which short story writer(s) are you looking forward to seeing the most at the Australian Short Story Festival?

Amanda Curtin, her yarns are so darn interesting.

Jude Bridge will be sharing readings from the Margaret River Press Short Story Collection on Saturday 20 October from 3 to 3.30 pm at the Australian Short Story Festival

Jude Bridge has won the Scarlet Stiletto Award for crime writing and came second in the Rachel Funari Prize for Fiction. Her stories are often read by actors at Little Fictions shows. She has been published in Australia, online and overseas. Visit her website at

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