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What’s Your Favourite Bookshop, and Why?

Published 9th August, 2018 in Writing

It’s Love Your Bookshop Day this Saturday 11 August and we thought we’d ask some of our authors about their favourite bookshops? What’s yours?

H.C. Gildfind

The Sun Bookshop, in Yarraville, Victoria, manages to pack a huge variety of books into a small space, including loads from Aussie writers and small publishers. Their staff are friendly, well-read, and—most importantly—willing to turn a blind eye when local writers sneak in to fiddle about with the displays, making sure the covers of their own precious tomes are ‘facing outwards’! By staying open late, the Sun tempts weak-willed readaholics to buy books whilst waiting for movies to start next door: they are singularly responsible for my credit card bill! But I will forgive them, for stores like these are absolutely essential for keeping books, writers, publishers and readers alive. Thank you, Sun!

Andrew Roff 

One of my favourites is Raven’s Parlour in Tanunda, South Australia, which is right in the middle of the Barossa wine region. The shop’s selection is personally curated by the owner/manager, and I’ve enjoyed every book she’s recommended to me. It’s her knowledge and sincere love of books (…and, perhaps, the close proximity to cellar doors!) that keeps me coming back.

Laura Elvery 

Avid Reader in West End, Brisbane, is my favourite because the vibrant book events they hold connect readers and writers across the city.

Portland Jones 

I love Planet Books in Mt Lawley, but any bookshop will do, really. I love the smell of bookshops and have you ever met either a librarian or a bookshop salesperson that you didn’t want to hug? I restrain myself because I don’t want to scare people but it’s impossible not to smile when you cross the threshold. I also buy books online – there’s less of the hugging feels but I’m still smiling.

Go visit your favourite bookshop on Saturday 11 August 2018 and join in with the celebrations. Head to for more information. 

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