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What Have You Been Up To? David Halliday

Published 25th November, 2016 in Writing

Catch up with what David has been up to since we published his story, ‘One of Those Things’ which appeared in our collection, Lost Boy and other stories (Ed. Estelle Tang).

The life of a freelancer is one of the neverending hustle: hustle well and you’re busy, hustle badly and dinner becomes peanut butter served off a playing card. Aside from being lucky enough to have some short fiction picked up by journals here and there, I’ve been contracting for ad agencies for a few years, spending a lot of time ‘content creating’. I’ve found if you stretch a brief far enough, it allows you to interview some fascinating people. A favourite was chatting with a couple of guys high up in FBI counterintelligence. Their charm was disarming.

I’ve been writing for magazines like GQ for over 3 years now, which is a lot of fun. I write (and have been a contributing editor) for their business section, GQ INC. Alongside that, I’ve tried to combine writing with social justice, in writing for titles like Relevant and Melbourne Catholic. I’ve also contributed chapters to a couple of books: The Music that Maton Made, and MPAN’s forthcoming book on missing persons cases, Too Short Stories. In between briefs, I’m working on a novel and collection of short stories. Apart from that, the hustle just goes on forever and ever, Amen.

“A freelance writer across business, lifestyle and culture, David’s work has  appeared in numerous print and online publications. He is author of non-fiction book The Bloody History of the Croissant and contributing author to The Music that Maton Made. When writing on a subject, he enjoys unpicking the human threads of history behind it, and consistently finds that a story told well becomes a story about all of us.”

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