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Meet The Interns – Logan Griffiths

Published 21st September, 2016 in Meet the Intern

Logan Griffiths is the kind of person who makes you laugh and then makes you think, all at once. She’s sharper than a Stanley knife, and strangely humble for someone with such a gift for the (or any) job-at-hand. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Logan…

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I grew up hiding away in my room reading books and filming little skits I called, Logan’s Productions. I love story telling and reading stories, so it really was inevitable that I would find myself heading in the direction of the publishing industry. There’s just something about the way we share experiences through language that makes me very excited to be a part of the WA publishing community.

What were you studying at university, and what’s next?
I am currently polishing off the end of my Masters degree at Curtin University. It has a pretty long-winded title as the Masters of Media and Communication: Professional Writing and Publishing.

Once I finish my degree, I plan on taking a year off to work on my writing skills.

Do you have a favourite book or favourite authors?
This year my favourite book was ‘Seeing the Elephant’ by Portland_Jones. And I’m not just saying that because I interned at MRP! ‘Seeing the Elephant’ is a fantastically written novel that is immersive and emotionally charged. Portland had me laughing, fuming, and crying. I simply couldn’t put the book down. I really feel like Frank and Minh are people I relate to and their story is held dear to my heart.

Some old favourites of mine that I recommend to all book-lovers include ‘The Human Stain’ by Philip Roth and ‘Kafka on the Shore’ by Haruki Murakami.

What did a typical day involve as an intern at Margaret River Press?
A typical day at Margaret River Press would see me delving head first into a number of tasks such as book/author marketing, social media posting, document writing, and taking the odd moment to have a laugh. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at MRP, everyone there is super friendly and just as book-crazy as I am, which is really cool. It is so exciting to be a part of a community like MRP that really gets what it is like to embrace people and their stories from a variety of different cultures and orientations. But I think the most important thing to note about interning at MRP is that your opinion and the work that you produce is very much valued.

Is there a particular area of publishing you’re looking to head into?          
I really love literature. So I’d love to do some managerial or marketing work in that field. Other than that, Young Adult fiction really speaks to me. YA is where my love for reading started so I think working with authors who give the younger generation a retreat from reality, but also a way to make sense of the world we live in, would be very gratifying.

Logan Griffiths loves eating chocolate and taking long walks along the beach with her loopy Dalmatian, Luna. Despite her disdain for mathematics, she currently works in administration for the School of Accounting at Curtin University. Logan has a Bachelors degree in Communications and Literature from the University of Western Australia and is currently working on her Masters degree where she is investigating the use of social media marketing in the Western Australian book publishing industry.

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