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What’s Feeding Your Senses? Emily Paull

Published 29th April, 2016 in Writing

Emily Paull is a young writer, bookseller and bibliophile with a way with words, and a winning smile. Her story, ‘The Sea Also Waits’, will be published in the upcoming Margaret River Press anthology, Shibboleth and other stories.

What are you reading?

I always have a few books on the go—occupational hazard as a bookseller!  Right at this moment, I have a copy of ‘The Newspaper of Claremont Street’ by Elizabeth Jolley in my bag.  It’s a beautiful hardcover special edition that Fremantle Press put out this year.  I’m also slowly making my way through ‘Alan Turing: The Enigma’ by Andrew Hodges as research for the novel that I am writing.  I just finished a wonderful novel called ‘Be Frank with Me’ by Julia Claiborne Johnson which is about a young woman named Alice who is sent to the home of a famous and reclusive novelist, to ensure she completes her next book.  Alice ends up looking after the novelist’s son, Frank, who is truly one of a kind.  He spends most of the book wearing a three piece suit and quoting films from the golden age of Hollywood, so that was pretty delightful.  I think I’ll ‘Like a House on Fire’ by Cate Kennedy next…

What are you listening to?

I have the self-titled album by a band called The Rubens in my CD player at the moment, and my radio is tuned to Triple J.  But my go-to music for all occasions has been Josh Pyke for a long time and I think he will continue to be my favourite musician for a very long time.  He’s a very talented lyricist.

What are you watching?

I have been rewatching all of Downton Abbey lately.  I was quite late to get on the bandwagon with that show, but I honestly think the show’s writers have done some really clever work on their characterisation, considering that there are often large gaps of time between episodes.  It’s the second time through that I’ve watched the show (though I haven’t seen season 6 yet because I can’t stand the ad breaks on commercial TV) and it’s interesting that this time around I feel more sympathetic towards Edith Crawley than anyone else.  Also, I’m hopelessly in love with the 1920s fashions.

Emily Paull is a bookseller by day and a writer by night.  In 2014, she was a young writer in residence at the KSP Writers Centre in the Perth Hills, and in 2015 her story ‘Miss Lovegrove’ was shortlisted for the Hachette Australia/ John Marsden Award.  Her work has appeared in (Re)Sisters, a YA Anthology published by For Books’ Sake, and will be included in the forthcoming Margaret River Press Anthology, Shibboleth and other stories.  She enjoys yoga, though she isn’t very good at it, and is kept company while she writes by a small, fluffy dog named Buddy.

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