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If you like it hot… the Food Room is the place to go

Published 26th March, 2016 in Behind the Book

Danielle Costley’s book, Beyond the Farm Gate celebrates and honours the small artisan food growers in the Southwest region.  Danielle writes, ‘Andy Longmore the Founder of Pippali Chillies has for 20 years grown specialised chilli varieties in his beachside garden and has even created a new strain of chilli called the Gnarabup Gold Moruga.  This chillie is categorised as ‘superhot’ and is firing up the appetites of chilli enthusiasts around the State.’

So if you are visiting the Margaret River Region this long weekend and you are looking for a quick meal that will fire up your tastebuds, go along to the Food Room cafe in Fearn Avenue,  run by Andy and his wife Ange and let Andy know how hot you like it. Just check the Scoville heat units before you make your choice  of sauce.   Andy says,’ hot chillies can be a total out-of-body experience if you go for some of the incapacitatingly hot varieties.  When the chilli hits the tongue, the brain secretes endrophins which act as a natural pain reliever to counter that inevitable burn.  This produces a pleasurable sensation in the body and is what makes them so addictive and moreish.’  If you are brave enough, try it,  but if you are not just take his word for it.

To read more about Andy’s hot chillies, buy a copy of Beyond the Farmgate click here.

Photos courtesy of Chris Gurney

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