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Hooked On Herring - Tales and Recipes from Around the World

The Fisherman Cooks Dinner in Valdivia - Chile

The Fisherman Cooks Dinner in Valdivia - Chile By Jacqueline Hagan At the confluence of three large rivers, 15km from the coast and 850 kms south of Santiago, lies the picturesque town of Valdivia. Renowned for its Spanish forts, fish market and locally smoked salmon, we decided this was an...


Hooked on Herring - Tales & recipes from around the world by Jacqueline Hagan

Lemon Myrtle Herring

Lemon MyrtleHerring With very little effort you can create a very posh breakfast with your herring catch. Have your fisherman skin and fillet your herring, then pat the fillets dry with a paper towel.Coat your serving plate with a generous film of best quality extra virgin olive oil and grind...